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:star:The group is TEMPORIRILY closed! Watch the group to be notified of when it reopens!

Chat Room: (more info here: pokemon-ginjinkasrp.deviantart… )
RULES FOR THE CHATROOM: :star:Make sure after each RP you do, have someone send me a comment telling which characters were in the RP that day, so I can give you credit.:star:
Try to keep OOC chatting to a minimum.
Have your name as your character so people will know who you are.
Have fun, and be respectful to other memebers!

This is an RP group where your character is a pokemon Ginjinkas!

The group is open! :dummy:
Make sure to read this entry!
RULES and How to join

Have fun! :D
Founded 2 Years ago
Apr 23, 2012


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Jack: Hey all! :wave: The wonderful Jack Kiva at your service! :bow: I'm who you guys go to to get all yer exp. sorted out! I'll keep track with my beautiful mind so you don't have to! But be warned! If you try to cheat, steal, beg and so on and so on, I will personally stuff your face full of crap and feed you to the- Alright alright, it won't be that bad, but you get my drift! :nod:

Fighters: 23 Members
Mages: 22 Members
Thieves: 24 Members
Merchants: 19 Members

Brea: 9 for drawing
If leaders think any of this is unfair or they're given too much, let me know.

:star:The levels below includes the levels you earned above.:star:
Rufus Seirra: Lvl: --
Tenere: Lvl: 83
Dolores: Lvl: 50
Astenos: Lvl: 33
Andy: Lvl: 100 :star:
Tabitha: Lvl: 100 :star:
Absel: Lvl: 66  
Kasai: Lvl: 49
Sierra: Lvl: 46
Strike: Lvl: 67
Aram: Lvl: 100 :star:
Oz: Lvl: 100 :star:
Ulric: Lvl: 16
Oson: Lvl: 38
Toebo: Lvl: 46
Vier: Lvl: 65
Aneko: Lvl: 9
Xander: Lvl: 88
Ribbon: Lvl: 26
Zero: Lvl: 46
Min: Lvl: 88
Lockjaw: Lvl: 5
Titress: Lvl: 6
Kijani: Lvl: 5
Safi: Lvl: 9
Walker: Lvl: 5
Kaden: Lvl: 18

Ritad: Lvl: --
Xelinos: Lvl: 69
Ziara: Lvl: 63
Spook: Lvl: 100 :star:
Sena: Lvl: 100 :star:
Aaron: Lvl: 37
Sherry: Lvl: 100 :star:  
Ferris: Lvl: 13  
Chadee: Lvl: 63  
Erik: Lvl: 25  
Willo: Lvl: 55
Celery: Lvl: 55
Jynx: Lvl: 10
Noctis: Lvl: 100 :star:
Hrothgar: Lvl: 24
Annie: Lvl: 85
Holly: Lvl: 46
Cookie: Lvl: 9
Echo: Lvl: 33
Brea: Lvl: 80
Teru: Lvl: 15
Nyrah: Lvl: 19
Vern: Lvl: 5
Febe: Lvl: 11
Corvus: Lvl: 7

Dante: Lvl: --
Chizoba: Lvl: 55
Nobuko: Lvl: 100 :star:
Umi: Lvl: 71  
Koal: Lvl: 100 :star:
Phoebe: Lvl: 47
Kaede: Lvl: 58
Xenathor: Lvl: 32
Billie: Lvl: 100 :star:  
Tate: Lvl: 8
Bisouju: Lvl: 14
Aro: Lvl: 33
Yoru: Lvl: 7
Ethel: Lvl: 74
Jezebel: Lvl: 32
Hertzel: Lvl: 47
Zherk: Lvl: 95
Nadim: Lvl: 7
Riley: Lvl: 5
Rasui: Lvl: 6
QK: Lvl: 25
Nekino: Lvl: 6
Trent: Lvl: 5
Toto: Lvl: 56
Zora: Lvl: 5
Chihiro: Lvl: 5
Arian: Lvl: 5
Katherine: Lvl: 6

Yates: Lvl: 100 :star:
Kerei: Lvl: 39  
William: Lvl: 79
Quarina: Lvl: 100 :star:  
Hugo: Lvl: 76
Sachi: Lvl: 100 :star:
Francesca: LvL: 22
Ascua: Lvl: 64
Mitsu: Lvl: 10
Annabelle: Lvl: 43
Tamryn: Lvl: 61
Arlo: Lvl: 89
Devitt: Lvl: 100 :star:
Deidrick: Lvl: 6
Robert: Lvl: 5
Izzy: Lvl: 16
Aroth: Lvl: 6
Sunbird: Lvl: 12
Lumi: Lvl: 13

Shop Keepers:
Lenoria: Lvl: --
Kas: Lvl: --
Quatya: Lvl: --
Helena Kiva: Lvl: --
Fletcher: Lvl: --
Kronin: Lvl: --

OOC: Alright, so whenever anyone draws a picture, rps in the chat room, finishes a mission etc. I'll add what levels and money they earn etc. When you gain more levels, you can add whatever moves the pokemon learns and change their level in the description on your app.

Any questions, let me know.
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